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xls.png Proforma HOT

This Excel-based spreadsheet allows you to analyze various "what-if" scenarios in your fishing business.  Enter predicted fuel, bait, gear, moorage, crew, and insurance costs and see how each changes your bottom line. You can look at the impact of different loan interest rates, or targeting different salmon species, or adjusting your days at sea. The workbook consists of eight linked worksheets. The one titled "Main Sheet" is your final product. The other seven sheets, automatically linked to the main sheet, are where you enter information in the input fields outlined in green. You will need to "enable macros" to use these sheets.

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pdf.png Proforma instructions HOT

This pdf contains instructions for using the Fishermen's Proforma spreadsheet.

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xls.png Q-calc HOT

This Excel-based calculator analyzes costs whether you fish the quota on your own boat or on someone else's. It also includes a converter to translate quota shares into poundage. You will need Microsoft Excel to use this spreadsheet.  Click to "enable macros" when opening.

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pdf.png Q-calc instructions HOT

This pdf provides detailed instructions on how to use the Q-calc spreadsheet.

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xls.png Financial Spreadsheets HOT

This downloadable Excel workbook contains an income statement, cash flow statement, balance sheet and asset and liability details you can complete for your own fishing operation. You will need macros enabled on your computer for the spreadsheets to work correctly.

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xls.png Financial Spreadsheets (non-macro version) HOT

This downloadable Excel workbook contains an income statement, cash flow statement, balance sheet and asset and liability details you can complete for your own fishing operation.

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mp4.png Financial Spreadsheet Instructions HOT

Learn how to use the financial spreadsheets above with this series of videos produced by Greg Fisk and the University of Minnesota.

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xls.png Retirement Scratchpad HOT

This Excel-based calculator can help you determine how much the money you invest today will be worth in 20 years, given varying inflation rates, interest rates, beginning principal, etc. Use it in conjunction with the mp3 under "Looking ahead" (minutes 10:45-16:15).

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xlsx.png Fish Ticket Manager HOT

The goals of this spreadsheet are to track and summarize species poundage recorded on fish tickets, add company/tender information and fish temperatures, note crew changes, and track tender fuel and supplies purchases. Fishermen have shared with us other ideas for spreadsheet uses: setting up formulas that automatically account for post-season price adjustments, taxes and crew percentages, tracking setnet operations with multiple permits and direct market sales. 

Download this template and customize it to your needs. Maybe you want to use a spreadsheet just to check delivery poundage against processor year-end statements or maybe summarizing income and crewshare information for your tax preparer is your priority. If you can utilize a spreadsheet while fishing, try adding columns and formulas for other items such as weather and tides, crew changes and direct market sales.

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