FishBiz Project

Financial and business tools for Alaska commercial seafood harvesters brought to you by the Alaska Sea Grant Marine Advisory Program

Start Your Business

Deciding to get into commercial fishing?  Penciling out how to pay for your first boat?  Not sure where to get the money to buy in?  This section provides tools for beginning fishermen venturing into a fishing business.

Manage Your Business

Alaska Sea Grant produces many tools designed to help established commercial fishermen get a better handle on their fishing business. Lowering expenses, managing risk, tracking income, structuring options for fishing businesses and more are covered in this section.

Grow and Diversify

Time to buy IFQ or a new refrigeration system? Thinking about direct marketing? Tools in this section will help you prepare to take the next big step in your operation.

Plan an Exit Strategy

From retirement investments to the many decisions that go into how to divest out of a fishing business, this section helps you prepare for the time when you're no longer willing or perhaps unable to continue in fishing.